Who Are Us?

The Sharp Chuckies is the handsomest all-male rock group from the Upstate New York/Western Massachusetts region. We have been a famous rock group since 1988, when we recorded our first album We're Not Just Salesmen, We're Musicians. Since then we have recorded about 22 albums. Some are better than others.

You can read more interesting facts about us and our history on the History page conveniently located on this website. Because Katy Perry wouldn't let us put it on her website. She's so mean, riiiiiiight???

Things We Like

Cheetos, beer.

Things We Don't Like

Our shitbag record label, Rink-e-Dink Records. Those greedy shitheels keep 95% of the money we make and they spend it all on blow and gold chains and broads. If you have an awesome band like we do, take our advice and avoid this label, don't sign with them no matter how much money they promise to advance you. We're so stupid.