Even though we write awesome songs, we enjoy playing songs that other people have written. Sometimes we record us playing the songs. These are some of the songs that we have recorded of us playing songs by other people. This is commonly referred to as "cover songs". Most of the songs we cover are from the 1970s which is when we grew up, because those are the songs we heard on AM radio back then. We like those songs. Except sometimes we cover songs we hate and we destroy them, like "Joy To The World" and "Mustang Sally", two of the worst songs ever written. But the others we actually like, we just do a poor job of playing them.

This song is by Dave Mason. You know it. We did it for our album Southern Comfort in 2014. Headcheese wanted to.

04 We Just Disagree.mp3

This song is by John Stewart. Not THAT John Stewart. The other one. In the original Stevie Nicks sang backup. She does not do that on our song. WTF???? This track appears on the awesome album from 2009, Easy Sailin'/Smooth Sailin' (More Songs About Dogs And Yachting).

09 Gold.mp3

This song is by Jay Ferguson who used to sing for Spirit and Jo Jo Gunne. This song came out in 1978. It's a damn good song. On one part Headcheese forgot the lyrics and since it was the part where he sings "both our bodies drying in the sunshine" and those lyrics simply cannot be left out, Stikki Rikki overdubbed that line in his best Michael McDonald impersonation. Which doesn't make sense since Michael McDonald didn't sing on this song. This song appears on the 2007 masterpiece Wanted: Dead Or Alive.

06 Thunder Island.mp3

This song is by Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds, which is one of the greatest band names of all time. This is one of the greatest songs of all time and the Chuckies put their all into it. This song appears on 2006's The Sharp Chuckies Kill Stuff.

01 Don't Pull Your Love Out.mp3

This song is a heaping pile of shit that the band hates. Headcheese sang it and record producer/engineer Stikki Rikki applied a female vocal effect and a robot voice effect to his vocal track. Notice the lead guitar is playing only one bent note through the whole song. This song appears on 2006's The Sharp Chuckies Kill Stuff.

07 Mustang Sally.mp3

Another song the band hates and wanted to make a shitty version of. Funny story, the band was so drunk when the musical tracks were recorded they woke up the next day not remembering they had done it. Upon finding the tracks, they proceeded to get drunk again and at the end of the night at optimum drunkenness they recorded the vocals. It is a gleaming pile of shit. This song appears on 2004's Rokning Dodar.

08 Joy To The World.mp3

The first cover song the band ever did, and it appeared on their first album We're Not Just Salesmen, We're Musicians. John B. handled the lead vocals with a plum.

06 Louie Louie.mp3

This is a song Ken B. (now The London Ken) and Headcheese wanted to do. This is the first lead vocal done by Headcheese. It's the song by Gino Vannelli.This track appeared on the 1993 album Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? Pt. 2.

13 Into The Night.mp3

This masterpiece by Cher is given a once over by the boys here with a stellar lead vocal by John B. and an out of tune Farfisa organ (actually it was the guitar & bass out of tune, the Farfisa was fine). John B. modified the lyrics to his own personal experience. This song appeared on 1993's Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? Pt. 1.

10 Gypsies, Tramps, And Thieves.mp3

Well, it's the theme song to the TV show, of course, featuring John B.'s fanatical vocal delivery and some hot licks by then "Fast" Stikki Rikki Starr. This appeared on 1991's Erik Estrada.

09 Different Strokes.mp3

Ken B. sings this gem from the Grease movie, the one Olivia Newton John was in and she sang it first. But it's this version that resonated with the public. This song appeared on 1991's Erik Estrada.

07 Hopelessly Devoted 2-U.mp3

This Pablo Cruise hit from the '70s is a favorite of the band's and John B. did it justice with his killer singing and disco beat drumming. This song appeared on the 1989 classic Yes, As A Matter Of Fact, We Do Need To Drink To Have A Good Time.

05 Love Will Find A Way.mp3

For the 1993 album Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? Pt. 1, Stikki Rikki and John B. did a duet of this classic tune from Dusty Springfield, but the boys did it based on the Bay City Rollers' version from 1976.

04 I Only Wanna Be With You.mp3

In 1996, the band played its first live concert, in Denver. This show was captured in the live album Live Down The Street From El Taco De Mexico, which was the name of a Mexican tacqueria down the street from the warehouse they played at. This is an awesome live version of the Gino Vannelli hit that the boys covered originally on Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? Pt. 2.

10 Into The Night (Live).mp3

In possibly the only vocal performance of short-lived band member Touch Me Tom, this Guns 'n' Roses cover from the 1996 live album Live Down The Street From El Taco De Mexico can be summed up in these few words: moist pleasure.

22 Sweet Child O' Mine (Live).mp3

Well, here's the Cher cover from Live Down The Street From El Taco De Mexico. It's pretty rockin'.

15 Gypsies, Tramps, And Thieves (Live).mp3

Milking this song for all it's worth is the goal, and this is the third version the band did. This was also on 1993's Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? Pt. 2. and features the singing styling of Headcheese Fuck.

15 Into The Night (Acoustic).mp3